Exciting News Unveiled: VAT Relief Sparks A Solar Revolution!

Hold onto your hats, energy enthusiasts! We are set to ride a wave of electrifying demand following the government’s game-changing announcement granting VAT relief on energy storage batteries.

We’re urging all customers to lock in their appointments before Christmas, ensuring their spot in the solar revolution that is set to kick off on February 1st, 2024.

Breaking free from the constraints of the past, we are thrilled about the expanded VAT relief that now covers standalone and retrofitted batteries. This policy shift, leaping beyond the confines of concurrent solar panel installations, promises to be a game-changer in propelling the UK toward its net-zero targets.

The catalyst for this transformation was the resounding response from energy-saving champions to a Government Call for Evidence. The people spoke, and the government listened. In the aftermath, three cutting-edge technologies, including electrical battery storage, water-source heat pumps, and diverters retrofitted to ESMs, got the green light for VAT relief.

By slashing the cost of energy storage systems, it’s set to make solar power even more irresistible for homeowners and businesses alike. Imagine a world where surplus energy generated during peak sunlight hours isn’t wasted – Battery storage systems are the answer! They allow you to store sunshine for literally a rainy day, ensuring a continuous power supply. This means energy independence, reduced reliance on the grid and farewell to the inconvenience of power outages.

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