Maximising Your Solar Investment with Battery Storage

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Are you ready to take your solar power system to the next level? Solar panel battery storage is the key to unlocking the full potential of your renewable energy setup.

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Hanchu is empowering clean and affordable energy through its battery and energy storage technology. Hanchu is working to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that promote the global energy transition and improve people’s lives.

Hanchu ESS manufacturers low-voltage, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions. This leading-edge design and advanced battery system is safer, more stable and convenient to use, ensuring that customers can reduce their energy costs and become more energy independent.

The partnership between Solar Select and Hanchu will provide customers with advanced technology and clean energy, reducing energy costs and making sure they are never without power.

Hanchu – The company committed to revolutionising energy storage. Their cutting-edge 9.4kW Blade Technology battery system is at the forefront of innovation. With exceptional energy density, fast charging capabilities, and robust safety features, it’s a game-changer in the world of energy solutions.

Whether it’s powering your home, or business, or even contributing to a cleaner grid, the Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Technology battery system is versatile and ready for various applications.

By choosing the battery system, you’re not just saving on energy costs; you’re reducing your carbon footprint, enhancing energy independence, and contributing to a sustainable future.

Engineered with the highest standards of safety and reliability in mind it is the product we at Solar Select turn to.

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Puredrive Energy Ltd is a British company that designs, develops, builds and distributes its own products to a broad spectrum of clients both home and abroad. With UK assembly of its products, it is ideally placed to utilise its clearly established supply chain to maximum effect.

Puredrive Energy’s in-house designed battery and technical components deliver a set of market leading products that are flexible, robust and offer excellent value for money. Puredrive’s energy storage system has also been designed with the future in mind, and the company has been working very closely with many of the UK’s energy DNO’s to design a feature allowing the system to help balance the national grid in times of need.

The partnership between Solar Select and Puredrive will supply products and services to the market that significantly reduce energy costs and the carbon footprint.

Puredrive is dedicated to transforming the way the world harnesses and manages energy, with its core focus revolving around our state-of-the-art battery and Solis inverter solutions.

With a UK assembly of its products, they are ideally placed to exploit their established supply chain to maximum effect. Making delivery and distribution, in volume, to its UK marketplace speedy and simple.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology: Their advanced batteries are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, longevity, and reliability. They represent a significant leap forward in energy storage.

Their high-performing 5KW single-phase Purestorage battery with 10,000 cycles at 90% Depth of discharge, is a modular system that gives up to 25KW of storage allowing an incredible 5 batteries to be connected, which has proven to be very popular within the domestic sector.

Puredrive also has a 3.84KW Purestorage 3-Phase battery (also with 10,000 cycles at 90% depth of discharge). This modular system has a minimum capacity of 3 batteries and a maximum of 6, giving up to 23KW of storage. Designed for commercial and large domestic installs it is the longest-lasting and safest lithium battery cell technology available, providing fantastic value.

Eco-Friendly: Puredrive batteries are designed with sustainability in mind. By storing excess energy when it’s abundant and using it when needed, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Efficiency and Integration: Solis inverters are the backbone of a smart energy system. They efficiently convert and manage power from various sources, ensuring seamless integration with your battery and the grid. Puredrive Solis inverters are equipped with intelligent energy management features, optimising energy consumption and reducing peak demand, ultimately leading to cost savings.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business, or a utility, Solis inverter solutions can be customised to suit your specific energy needs and scale as those needs evolve.

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