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Terry Hayward

Managing Director

Terry has had a long and varied career journey in the industry – after qualifying as an electrician and serving a four-year apprenticeship back in the early 80s, he held senior positions as Electrical Director at two companies before building the foundations to his own solar company in 2010.

He has enjoyed forming a successful business and having a great team to support him, enabling Solar Select to provide a 1st class service to its customers.

Terry is incredibly proud that Solar Select is growing and developing, gaining accreditations to push the business to the next level and recently moving into the newly built offices in Droitwich plus seeing the sign-written vans on the road proudly displaying the brand. His greatest achievement is seeing the hard work and investment put into the business paying off.

He believes there is no better industry to be in than the renewable industry. With industry innovations and technologies coming through within solar, storage and EV, the future will see investment from governments and private sectors to build an electrical network/infrastructure, enabling the industry to reach its maximum potential.

Louise Hayward

Commercial Director

Louise Hayward is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, primarily working for a Senior Consultant in Orthopaedics within the NHS.

While her journey began in the medical field, Louise’s path took a significant turn when she made the bold decision to leave her established career to support her partner Terry in building Solar Select.

At Solar Select, Louise has found a new passion and purpose. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of renewable energy, she embraced the opportunity to focus on supporting local communities in their transition to sustainable energy solutions. Seeing Solar Select’s growth and the team flourish has been immensely rewarding for Louise. She takes great pride in seeing her colleagues thrive in their roles and seize opportunities for personal and professional development within the company.

For Louise, renewable energy represents the way forward for the future. She firmly believes that the widespread adoption of renewable technologies is not only inevitable but essential, in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

In addition to her professional journey, Louise embodies a set of core values that guide her interactions and approach to life. She is known for her exceptional listening skills, empathetic approach and unwavering support. Louise isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone – and encourages others to do the same.

With her blend of experience, passion for renewable energy, and compassionate leadership style, Louise is driving positive change within Solar Select and championing the transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

Tony Daniel

Operations Manager

Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the service and FM sectors, providing maintenance and installation works to a variety of different clients. He spent the first 10 years of his career as an engineer/supervisor and the next 23 as a contract manager, before joining Solar Select in May 2023.

In his role at Solar Select, he has had a fast-learning curve to understand the sector and has gained lots of new qualifications and experience. The team have been very welcoming and made his transition into this sector very pleasurable, supporting each other in all aspects to ensure there is a good work/life balance. He enjoys being part of a team that all welcome a challenge and work to improve processes and performance.

He enjoys working in an industry which is ever-changing, with more efficient panels and inverters being available all the time. The recent changes for no VAT on battery systems is very welcomed and will increase interest for battery storage systems.

He believes that further encouragement and information to potential customers is needed so they can make decisions based on facts. The world is in need of greener energy to assist with global warming, and the government should be encouraging this more.

Debbie Stanley

Office Manager

Debbie has a range of experience through a varied career, with roles as a Field Resource Controller for an international computer company, allocating engineers and service reps for breakdown calls and maintenance, a Travel Advisor for Horizon Holidays, and acting as a self-employed carer.

Through her role at Solar Select, she has gained more confidence, and her favourite part of the role is being part of a team and communicating with colleagues and customers.

Debbie truly loves being part of the team and believes that solar really is the way forward!

Matt Billington

Business development Manager

Matt comes to Solar Select with almost a decade of experience working in the renewables and heating sector under his belt, including an impressive seven years spent running his own company, designing and manufacturing energy efficient heating systems. Matt played a key role connecting their product to a whole solution offering, helping clients build new properties that had solar, battery, smart hot water, heating, and controls; essentially building properties which were so efficient that they could run themselves completely off grid.

He did not take the usual journey into the renewable energy sector, first gaining a Masters Degree in Fine Art, which led him to a career in lecturing with further qualifications gained in teaching. Yet he learned valuable abilities during this time such as excellent research skills. More recently Matt has been training to be a Domestic Energy Assessor and Retrofit Assessor, which are extremely helpful skills for his current role at Solar Select.

In his role as Business Development Manager, Matt is a vital part of Solar Select, connecting the dots between the team, clients and projects. Within each project there is a sensitive ecosystem of parts to solve for the client. Listening to the issues and finding the connective parts, such as bringing in partners to support and build the project together, is what Matt does best.

His favourite part of the role is meeting new people. Solar Select has a wide variety of clients and it is inspirational to see that they are all on the same journey to improve the energy efficiency of their properties or businesses. Seeing installations come online and clients being astounded by the energy they are producing is extremely fulfilling.

The Solar Select team has grown significantly over the past few years, bringing together staff with all specialities towards a united goal. Solar Select is focused on providing a quality service for its social, domestic, and commercial clients.

Matt believes there is a lot of growth still to come within the industry and recognises that the challenge to reduce carbon emissions globally is huge. He is passionate about working with Solar Select to educate people on the importance of what being green means and making minor adjustments progressively. He believes that the adoption of renewable technology into our homes and businesses is essential to reach Net Zero by 2050 in the UK – a mass rollout is required across all industries to achieve this.

The challenge is to alter people’s perceptions of what is needed and how to achieve this, and this is what he aims to do. Matt’s passion for a greener future comes back to his family, and his work is to ensure that they have a good life for the future in a better environment.

Sam Morris

Technical Engineer

Beki Wells

Project Administrator

Beki worked in hospitality for almost 17 years for Marston’s, waitressing from a young age and working her way up to the role of supervisor. Her experience working with the public has helped her to build confidence and grow.

Working for Solar Select has really opened Beki’s eyes as it is a completely different sector to hospitality. She has been able to gain her social life back and have her weekends free to spend time with her daughter and family.

Although she started at Solar Select with no prior experience in the industry, she has already learnt a lot by getting involved in general tasks and visiting site to find out what goes on, put names to faces, and explore all the different parts and equipment for solar panels and the electrical side.

She is enjoying being part of the solar power industry as it is such a massive sector and will continue to keep growing. She believes we will see a decrease in costs and an increasing demand for clean, renewable energy sources.

Beki has fit into the team extremely well with her friendly, bubbly personality – she is very easy to get on with and always smiling. She has proven her dedicated, willing to learn something new every day and starting a brand-new adventure out of her comfort zone and pushing herself to achieve bigger and better.

Joby Watkins

Sales Administrator

Joby worked in hospitality from age 16–19 as a barman, before being offered his dream role at Solar Select.

He has always been interested in working in the renewables sector, as having a healthy impact on the environment and helping future generations by going green is a huge passion of his.

Working as part of the Solar Select team has helped him to develop the skills and confidence required to build relationships with customers and suppliers in the industry. Keen to expand his knowledge in order to become more independent and reliable, Joby enjoys learning something new every day, and seeing himself grow as the business does.

Being part of the solar industry means a lot to Joby in his knowledge that renewables is playing a massive part as we progress as a world community, acting as a keystone in protecting our planet and creating a sustainable future for others. He believes the future of the industry involves keeping standards to the highest possible quality and ensuring policies do not falter as the sector evolves.

Cameron Reid

Electrical Trainee

Starting out his career as a bus driver, Cameron loves the experience of working at Solar Select, benefitting from a greatly improved work/home life due to no longer working odd shifts. He enjoys being part of a great team that are all happy to support each other in learning new skills, and the customer satisfaction received at the end of a job.

After 12 months of being an electrical mate, learning new skills and knowledge of the solar industry and electrics in general, he is working on his apprenticeship to become a qualified electrician. Cameron is a people person who loves meeting new individuals and engaging with them throughout the day, and this role allows him to thrive on that.

He is proud to work in an industry that has lots of potential and is only going to get bigger and better. He believes the future of the industry will see more qualified trades moving across to accommodate solar installs.

Cameron has proven his skills and dedication by learning a completely new industry and putting that to the test with an apprenticeship.

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