Over the last 15 years, the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust has supported projects and programmes to reduce its environmental impact, including renewable technology in capital projects and stand-alone renewable projects, predominately Solar PV. Part of this sustainable focus included the Trust working with Solar Select to install optimised roof-mounted Solar PV systems on its estate.

The Solar Select team determined the best design for each location to maximise the roof space and provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution to reduce their carbon footprint and save the NHS money on their fuel bills. Each system was uniquely designed utilising the SolarEdge optimised solution which would be installed on multiple roofs.


Each building involved required scaffolding erected to enable the workforce to complete the projects safely. This in itself presented unique challenges, as the hospitals were in constant use by the public and hospital staff and all exits had to provide adequate access for the public and for those with restricted mobility. Solar Select’s scaffold contractor AMS was involved from the very start of the contract to establish the most cost-efficient and safe system, ensuring minimal time for the scaffold to be in position to lessen the disturbance to the general public.

Another challenge arose at Malvern Community Hospital, which has a Cambrian slate effect roof and when wet can become incredibly slippery and unsafe to work on. The team had to constantly evaluate the weather and look for windows of opportunity when they could work safely but still complete the project within an agreed timeframe.

Thanks to hard work, dedication and expertise the final result was a fully functioning system for all three locations, completed on time and within budget. These locations are now benefitting from a sustainable solar PV system, providing savings on energy costs, reducing carbon emissions, and improving the trust’s green credentials.


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